Hi-Lo Scratcher Refill - Original Design

Do you have one of our original Hi-Lo scratchers with wooden sides?

Has your cat destroyed the cardboard by now? Have you been searching for a refill?

As you may have noticed, our original style Hepper Hi-Lo Cat scratcher is discontinued, and sadly, we are long sold out of the cardboard refills. Well, we finally have a solution!

We recently redesigned the Hi-Lo and it is possible to use the main cardboard scratch area of the new design as a refill for the old design.  But, you will need to be a little be crafty to make it work.

Here's how to use the new Hi-Lo as a refill for the wooden sided Hi-Lo:

    1. Disassemble the old unit and remove the 2 center parts.  All you need is the 2 sides.
    2. Take the new unit out put the metal legs aside (you won't need them).
    3. Align the new cardboard part on the wooden sides and note how the parts match up. It won't be a perfect match, but try to center everything.
    4. Here's the crafty part:  You'll need some double sided velcro sticky tape or regular double sided foam tape.  Links are also below.
      1. I prefer the holding strength of the velcro tape and the option to reposition it, but there is a slightly bigger gap because of its thickness.
      2. The foam tape tends to pop off, but so far in our tests, it does stick back on.
    5. Cut 2" lengths of the velcro tape and stick 4 of them on each side.  I like to stick the fuzzy and the loop side together, then remove the sticky seal and push it onto the wood side first.  Then I'll remove the other sticky seal and carefully push the cardboard part onto the wooden side.
    6. You can reuse the same screws if you want. It might take a little work to get them started, and don't overtighten them into the cardboard. They might help a bit, but I didn't bother to use them in our testers.
    7. Repeat the same process for the other side.  Be sure that the cardboard doesn't stick out beyond the wooden ends, or the whole unit might rock a bit when you stand it up.
    8. Set up the new scratcher and call your kitty!

Apologies to any of you that missed out on the refills.  And second, I know this is not a perfect solution, but it does function.  It'll just take a little more effort.



Hudson and the Hi-Lo



Velcro Tape

Bigger gap with the velcro tape

Slightly thinner gap with the foam tape

Not the best angle to view it at - it looks better than this!